ADHMA Show and Event Schedule

Keep track of our show and event schedule below. Check back often so you don’t miss anything that is added.

What type of events does the Association hold?

  • Ride and Drive – We find trails around Arizona that can be ridden or driven, depending on what skills your equine has.
  • The Arizona Draft Horse and Mule Show – We have an annual show for Heavy and Light Drafts, Draft Crosses, Mules, and Burros.
  • Field Day – 
  • Clinics, and other Educational Events –  Saddle and Harness fittings, Equine First Aid classes, etc
  • and more to come!

Remember members can get reduced fees to ADHMA events, or even have no fees!

If your equine business would like to sponsor or put on an event for our members, please send us a message through the contact form.