Proffesionalism & Passion for Horses

Our board contains experienced horsepeople who also have a passion for draft horses, and experience to keep this club going forward.

The 2019-2021 ADHMA board:

Michael Lindstrom

Michael Lindstrom
President and Webmaster

Michael Linstrom is a software engineer with a degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University, where he met his wife.  His mother was a horsewoman, and he had a donkey as a child.  He took a short break from horses after his mother passed away, but now owns Iron Lion Ranch along with his wife.

Michael is the reason the couple got into draft horses, as he is a big guy, at 6’4, and he felt silly on smaller horses.  He now rides an 18.2hh percheron and they look great together.  He currently works for a fortune 500 company in the Phoenix area.

Michael also enjoys off-roading, and has had a truck he built featured in Truckin’ Magazine. He’s currently building a rock crawler with a full external cage.  Michael has masterful welding skills and an extensive knowledge of vehicles.

Cori Trout

Cori Trout
ADHMA Vice President

Cori Trout is an experienced equine professional, with a degree in Equine Studies from Scottsdale Community College, and a degree in Art from Arizona State.

She currently runs CERT Horsemanship at the Trouts’ Corral training horses and humans, both ridden and driven. Cori is also a sought after clinician on topics ranging from Driving Training, to Bitless Bridles, to Dressage. She is certified through the American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA) in Dressage, Driving, and Recreational Riding.  Cori is a regular feature as a speaker at the annual Arizona Horseman’s Challenge and Expo in Queen Creek.

Trouts’ Corral is primarily composed of Percherons and Belgians, but there is also an adorable Norwegian Fjord named Kitt.

Lea Lindstrom

Lea Lindstrom
ADHMA PR/Outreach

Lea Lindstrom has been involved in horses the majority of her life.  She’s ridden just about every discipline and competition style, and is always up for a new challenge.  For over 25 years she rode a blind appaloosa on trails, in competitions, and more, until his passing in August of 2018.  Together they learned how to handle his blindness, and still enjoy the activities they preferred.

Lea currently works for an online publication, and is a professional Photographer of pets and their people.  She owns Iron Lion Ranch with her husband, where they have rescue cats and dogs, Myotonic Goats, a rescue appaloosa, an Off-Track Thoroughbred, and Percherons.  Lea has a degree in Music and Human Communication from Arizona State University.  And still plays Lead Trombone in several local groups.