Our generous sponsors allow us to continue bringing awareness of the versatility of Draft Horses, Crosses, Mules and Donkeys to the general public around Arizona, as well as highlight the wonderful partners they make.

Our Foundation Sponsors are instrumental in the club revamp in 2019, 2020, and 2021.  We will be forever grateful for their generosity that created a long-term sustainable club that offers all the benefits our members enjoy.  That is why they are named for the basis of any breed – its founding line.

Our Annual Sponsors allow us to continue our mission on an ongoing basis.  Some do so for multiple years at a time. These sponsors are the backbone of our organization.  That is why they are named for Influential Stallions of various breeds, except for Scooter, which is the name of a member’s mini-mule.

Our Show Sponsors are why we can have fantastic shows all over the state, including our large Annual Arizona Draft Horse and Mule Expo.  These sponsors give us the opportunity to bring big Horsepower to our state for everyone to enjoy.

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Foundation Stallion:

Foundation Mare:

Foundation Foal:

Annual Sponsors

Top Gallant (Clydesdale):

Rem Degas (Percheron)

Field Marshall V (Shire)

Silver Lace (American Cream Draft)

Anselmo (Haflinger)


Farnam simplifies horse care with essential horse supplies and helpful information so that you can make the most out of every moment together with your horse.

Sonny Mays (Gypsy Vanner)

Scooter (Mini-Mule):