Inaugural ADHMA Virtual Show

Show opens 1 September, 2021, and entries close at 10:59pm Arizona Time on 30 September, 2021. Payments must be completed by 30 September, 2021. Final submissions of photos and video must be completed by midnight MST on 5 October, 2021 and any entries that need to be submitted after 30 September, 2021 must be emailed.  Judging will be completed by October 20th at the latest.

How to Enter:

  1. Choose your classes! *PLEASE NOTE: Some classes are only available to CURRENT, dues paying ADHMA members*.
  2. Fill out the form with the information for your class.  Please use one full entry block per handler/equid combo, and follow the naming format requested for your photos.  Be sure to read the rules and class descriptions.
  3. Click “Add Class” for additional entry blocks.
  4.  Fill out the bottom of the form – let us know the email address you’re using for your payment so we can match everything up.
  5. Click submit for the form
  6. Choose “Member” or “non-Member” and click “add to cart”.
  7. Update the quantity for the number of entries (max 13 per form please)
  8. Complete the checkout process, and make sure we have a valid shipping address for you if you would like your ribbons.
  9. We will email you if there is an issue, so please whitelist “info @” (no spaces) or keep an eye on your spam box.
  10. Winners will be listed here, as well as on our Facebook Page, Group, and other social media.
Percheron, Shire, Belgian, and Clydesdale Draft Horses at the Arizona Draft Horse and Mule Association show


  • Ring 1 (photo):

    • 1-1: Best Calendar Photo – Choose a photo that you would see on a calendar representing the summer months.  Single Photo Only.  Class will be judged on presentation, suitability for a calendar, and quality of image.
    • 1-2: Safety Dance – Show us how you stay safe, on the trail, in the ring, or while you work with your equid.  You may submit a single photo, or collage of up to 4 photos.  Photo will be judged on use of safety equipment and presentation.
    • 1-3: Braided Beauties – Show us your braided beauties! Whether it is traditional draft halter/driven presentation, a crazy braid you tried after a bath, or a daily braid job, show it off. You may submit a single photo, or a collage of up to 4 photos.  Class will be judged on interest, quality of braidwork, and presentation.
    • 1-4: Best Solid Colored* – show us your solid colored beauty!  Do you have a stunning sorrel? Beautiful black? Bodacious bay? Gorgeous gray?  Well, this is the class for you! You may submit a single photo, or a collage of up to 4 photos.  Class will be judged on presentation of your solid colored horse, condition, and conformation. *White and Grey are considered solid colors for the purpose of this class barring other disqualifying features. Chrome such as stars, blazes, socks to the knees, etc allowed; paint patterning, Splash, LP/PATN/Appaloosa, Varnish or other extensive markings are not allowed for the purposes of this class.
    • 1-5: Through the Equid’s Ears: Show us a great view, through your equids ears!  Is it a gorgeous sunset? A stunning waterfall? A pretty vista?  Show us what you see through your equid’s ears.  Single photo, of a view – must include the ears of an equid.  Photos will be judged on content, presentation, and interest.
    • Ring 1 Champion – 1st and 2nd place from classes 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, and 1-5 will be judged against each other for presentation, condition and turnout of equid, and quality of entry. Champion ribbon will be awarded.  Winners of the listed classes will be automatically placed in this class.


  • Ring 2 (ADHMA member only Photo):

    • 2-1: Monsoon Mud Monster – Show us your muddiest monster! You may present a single photo or collage of up to 4 photos. Photos will be judged on presentation, interest, and of course, filth.
    • 2-2: Independence Day – Submit one photo that best shows what Independence Day means to you. You may email a short (less than 200 words) description to info @ (no spaces). Please include the name of equid and handler from your entry in the body of the email (you can attach a copy of the photo as well) so we know who it belongs to! Photos will be judged on presentation, interest, and interpretation of the theme.
    • 2-3: Suitability for Harness – Do you think you have the ultimate driving or work equid? Show us! A single photo should show your horse straight on from the side in either an Open or Squared stance. Collage should show both an open and squared stance straight on from the side, with up to 4 photos allowed. Equid will be judged on conformation, presentation, and suitability for harness work.  Please state whether the equid is intended for pleasure driving, farm or other work, or competition.
    • 2-4: Natural Portrait – Your best single image portrait of your equid.  No tack, and minimal editing (crop/color correction) allowed.  No Collages. Photos should be taken by the entrant. Class will be judged on interest, condition of equid, and quality of image.
    • 2-5: Best Show Photo – give us your best show photo of your equid. No professional show photographer photos allowed.  Single photo only. You must have the rights to submitted photo.  Class will be judged on content of photo and interest, as well as condition and turnout of equid/handler.
    • 2-6 Ring 2 Champion – 1st and 2nd place from classes 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, and 2-5 will be judged against each other for presentation, condition and turnout of equid, and quality of entry. Champion ribbon will be awarded. Winners of the listed classes will be automatically placed in this class.


  • Ring 3 (video):

    • 3-1: Meet My Equid. – Submit a single video, no longer than 2min and 30sec. Tell us about your horse, mule, or donkey, how you got them, why you love them. Make sure you include the link on your entry form to your video on youtube or other hosting site.  The video does not need to be public, but must be able to be seen by anyone who has the link.
    • 3-2 (ADHMA Member Only): Showmanship In Hand – This will be judged like a standard showmanship class. Please have a cone or other marker 20ft from the “judge” aka your camera/cameraperson to start, and another marker 10ft away to the right of the first, as viewed by the “judge”.
      class 3-2 drawn pattern
      class 3-2 drawn pattern (click to enlarge)

      • Trot/jog straight away from “judge” to first marker
      • Turn right and walk to second marker
      • Back 5 steps
      • Pivot 180* to the left, and trot/jog back to the first marker
      • Jog/Trot halfway to judge
      • Walk the rest of the way to “judge” and halt.
      • “Judge” should slowly walk around the equid after giving 5 seconds for handler to square. Handler should quarter as is usual.
    • 3-3 (ADHMA Member Only): Obstacle – you will need 5 markers, a tarp, and some way to make a circle no more than 3ft in diameter (a hula hoop is perfect, but you may use a hose, bailing twine, rope, or other item that can be seen by the camera). This may be completed in hand, ridden, driven, or ground driven. The hoop 180 is a wheel in if driven, all other ways it is haunches/hind feet in circle.
      Class 3-3 drawn pattern
      Class 3-3 drawn  pattern (click to enlarge)

      • Trot a serpentine through cones/markers
      • Left Turn and walk across tarp
      • Left Turn and continue walking to marker
      • Halt at marker, back 3-4 steps
      • Stand 5 seconds
      • Trot in a U shape to Hula Hoop/Circle
      • 180* turn to the left with wheel or haunches/hind feet in circle
      • Exit at the Walk
    • 3-4 Ring 3 championship – 1st and 2nd place from classes 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3 will be judged against each other for presentation, condition and turnout of equid, and quality of entry. Champion ribbon will be awarded. Winners of the listed classes will be automatically placed in this class.


  • Show Championship –

    • Champion from Rings 1, 2, and 3 will be judged against each other for presentation, condition and turnout of equid, and quality of entry. Champion ribbon will be awarded


Please name file as [Class#]-[Handler Name]-[Equid Name]



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Inaugural Photo Show RULES:

  1. Unless otherwise noted, each entry block is for ONE(1) “rider/handler” and ONE (1) equid only.
  2. Unless otherwise noted, each equid and handler pair may only be entered ONCE (1) per class.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, all entries MUST include at least one (1) Horse, Mule, and/or Donkey.  Entries not including an equid will not be judged, and no refund given.
  4. Collages are only allowed in stated classes. Collages are only allowed up to Four (4) photos.  Collages must be premade and submitted as a single image.
  5. All equipment used must be safe, clean, and well-presented. Any photo or video showing obviously dangerous equipment, as deemed by judge and management, will not be judged.
  6. Videos should be made between opening of entries and show closing.
  7. Handlers do not need to be in show attire, but should have clean, family friendly outfits, befitting the tack and class. Jeans are acceptable.
  8. Handlers are encouraged to wear any and all applicable safety gear, including helmets, at all times.
  9. Equids do not need false tails, may have natural manes and tails unless otherwise noted, may have bitless bridles, and do not need to be shod.
  10. Equids do not need to be presented in full show kit. Depending on the class description, however, an animal presented as such may be placed over another, less properly presented animal with all things being equal.
  11. Photos should not be manipulated, other than cropping and basic color correction, unless otherwise noted in the class description.
  12. All handlers should be over the age of 18 years on the date the photo show opens.
  13. Equine activities are inherently dangerous. Per A. R. S. § 12-553, by entering entrants agree to hold the ADHMA, their board, the judge, and ADHMA members harmless if they, their family, or other people are injured while filming video, capturing photos, or otherwise participating in this activity.
  14. By Entering, entrant certifies that they have permission from, or are the copyright holder of any images/videos. Furthermore, entrants then grant ADHMA permission to display and use the images to promote other photo shows, or use in marketing materials at ADHMA’s discretion.
  15. Entrants agree that entry photos/videos and winning photos/videos may be displayed on this page and ADHMA social media.
  16. Non-ADHMA members that enter the Member’s Only classes will be offered the choice to sign up for a membership, or withdraw their entries prior to judging.  If show management cannot reach entrant by email, no refunds will be given.  If entrant chooses to withdraw prior to close of show, refunds will be given less paypal fees.
  17. Entries will be anonymized prior to presentation to the judge to the best of our ability.
  18. Standard Ribbons will be given to 4th place, with possible custom ribbons or additional placings at the discretion of ADHMA Management.
  19. Shipping fees will be assessed for International Entries.

Additional Details:

Standard Ribbons will be given up to fourth place, unless there are more than 16 Total paid entrants in a given class.  16+ paid entrants in a given class by September 14th will grant standard ribbons to 8th place in that class.  30+ paid entrants in a given class by September 14th will earn special custom ribbons.  65 entries per a given ring by September 14th will guarantee special Champion and Reserve ribbons.  150 total show entries by September 14th will earn sashes, custom ribbons, or trophies for  1st place in each class, plus ring champion and reserve trophies and/or sashes.


*Note custom ribbons, sashes, and/or trophies may take longer to arrive after judging due to supply chain or shipping issues with the manufacturers.  ADHMA reserves the right to take extra time to supply these, or change the dates to any of these special circumstances, show opening or closing, and other times based on the needs of the association and/or judge.