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Here are your Show Patterns

2020 Big Show Showmanship 

Arizona Draft Horse and Mule Association

The Big Show 2020

All times after 9am are approximate.

January 4, 2020

Check-in and Last Minute Sign-ups.
You must check in before 9:00am with the show steward.

Show Steward's Tent
Starting at 9 am

Halter Classes

  1. Heavy Draft Stallion
  2. Light Draft/Draft X Stallion/Jack
  3. Open Stallion
  4. Champion Draft/Draft X Stallion/Jack (no fee, 1st place animals from class 1 & 2)
  5. Heavy Draft Gelding
  6. Light Draft/Draft X/Jack/John Gelding
  7. Open Gelding
  8. Champion Draft/Draft X/Jack/John Gelding (no fee, 1st place animals from class 5 & 6)
  9. Heavy Draft Mare
  10. Light Draft/Draft X Mare/Jenny/Hinny
  11. Open Mare
  12. Champion Draft/Draft X Mare/Jenny/Hinny (no fee, 1st place animals from class 9 & 10)
  13. Supreme Champion Draft/Draft X/Mule/Donkey (no fee, 1st place animals from classes 4, 8, & 12)
  14. Youth Halter – Handlers under 17, (All Equids incl. Heavy Draft)
  15. Showmanship at Halter – Adult (All Equids incl. Heavy Draft
  16. Showmanship at Halter – Junior (All Equids incl. Heavy Draft)

**15 Min Equine Demonstration**

Main Arena

Open Ticket Obstacles – 9am-1pm

  1. Heavy Draft Obstacle Single
  2. Open Obstacle Single Equid
  3. Heavy Draft Obstacle Team
  4. Open Obstacle Pairs/Team
  5. Open Young Equid In-Hand Obstacle 3 and Under (as of Jan 1, 2020 incl. Heavy Draft)
  6. Open Equid In-Hand Obstacle Over 4+ (as of Jan 1, 2020 incl. Heavy Draft)
  7. Open Equid Ridden Obstacle, Any Tack, Walk-Trot/Jog Junior 17&Under (incl. Heavy Draft)
  8. Open Equid Ridden Obstacle, Any Tack, Walk-Trot/Jog Adult 18+ (incl. Heavy Draft)
  9. Open Equid Ridden Obstacle, Any Tack, Walk-Trot/Jog-Canter/Lope (incl. Heavy Draft)
  10. Heavy Draft Single Gambler’s Choice
  11. Open Equid Single Gambler’s Choice
  12. Heavy Draft Team Gambler’s Choice
  13. Open Equid Team/Pair Gambler’s Choice
  14. Open Equid Single Log Skid (incl. Heavy Draft)
  15. Open Equid Team/Pair Log Skid (incl. Heavy Draft)
Arena 2
After Halter and 15 min Demo

Braided/Formal Driven 

  1. Heavy Draft Braided 6-up
  2. Open Braided 6 Equid Hitch
  3. Heavy Draft Braided 4-up
  4. Open Braided 4 Equid Hitch
  5. Heavy Draft Braided Lady’s Team
  6. Open Equid Pleasure Pair
  7. Heavy Draft Braided Men’s Team
  8. Open Junior/Team Pair (incl. Heavy Draft)
  9. Heavy Draft Braided Men’s Cart
  10. Open Single Equid Pleasure – Gentleman to Drive
  11. Heavy Draft Braided Lady’s Cart
  12. Open Single Equid Pleasure – Lady to Drive
  13. Open Junior Cart/Single Equid (incl. Heavy Draft)

**15 Minute  Equine Demonstration**

Relaxed Driving 

  1. Open Driving Single Equine
  2. Open Reinsmanship Single Equine
  3. Open Driving Team/Pair
  4. Open Reinsmanship Team/Pair
  5. Junior Reinsmanship Single or Team/Pair
Main Arena

LUNCH! 30 min break

30 min Demo and Parade of Breeds.

Main Arena

Lunch Break and Course Change

Arena 2
Starting at 130

Ridden Classes

  1. Heavy Draft Walk-Trot
  2. Open English Walk-Trot
  3. Heavy Draft English Walk-Trot-Canter
  4. Open English Walk-Trot-Canter
  5. Junior English Walk-Trot 17 & Under incl. Heavy Draft
  6. Leadline English 8 & Under incl. Heavy Draft

**10 Minute Tack Change Intermission – Equine Demonstration**

  1. Open Bareback Walk-Trot/Jog (all breeds and disciplines incl. Heavy Draft)

**10 Minute Tack Change Intermission – Equine Demonstration**

  1. Heavy Draft Western Walk-Jog
  2. Open Western Walk-Jog
  3. Heavy Draft Walk-Jog-Lope
  4. Open Western Walk-Jog-Lope
  5. Junior Western Walk-Jog 17 & Under incl. Heavy Draft
  6. Leadline Western 8 & Under incl. Heavy Draft
Main Arena
1:30- End of Show

Open Ticket Cones  130pm- End of Show

  1. Heavy Draft Single Cones
  2. Open Equid Single Cones
  3. Heavy Draft Team Cones
  4. Open Equid Team/Pair Cones
Arena 2
After Ridden Classes

Draft Barrel Racing!
We saved the best for last! You’ve heard about it, now experience it for yourself!  DRAFT BARREL RACING!  Feel the thunder as these giants fly around the barrels.  A good time for everyone.  Open Barrel Race will take place at the same time, riders may go at any time once the barrels are set up and the Ring Steward gives permission.

  1. Heavy Draft Barrel Race
  2. Open Barrel Race
Main Arena
After Draft Barrels

Show Championship Announcement and Formal Photos
Come see the crowning of your show Champions!  You’ll see the winners of all the Championship classes from the day, as well as the crowning of the High Point Champions.

Main Arena