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Draft horses for sale, Mules for sale, Wagons and carts for sale, Arizona.



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Posted 4/15/14

Horse Shoeing Stock, $1,800  OBO 


(San Tan Valley)


Heavy Duty – Special Order


Fits std and draft horses up to 20 hands, 

3,000 lbsWhite oak wood, 2 rear chains,

2 belly chains, 2 back chains and 4 head chains

Front gate opens.



Purchased from Christ & Amos Yoder of Sugarcreek, OH



Contact:  Brian K. Knutson, , 480-772-8593



Posted 4/15/14


No Photo


For sale: people haulers, mudwagons, running gear, coaches, manure spreader. 

Too many vehicles to photograph! Call and talk to me about specifics. 

Fred Longfellow (520) 429-1196 

Also looking for a black Percheron, possible trade?


Posted 1/23/14


1.  Mares must have current coggins, worming and vaccination records
2.  Mares must have record of a recent pre-breeding veterinary exam
3.  Mares must be pure Fjords registered with with either NFHR or CFHA
4.  Mares pedigree must be approved and clear of any cross or inbreeding to Thor within 3 generations.


Standing in Wickenburg, AZ Winter/Spring 2014

Thor Cody CFHA and NFHR 2736

Hand and pasture breeding available at this time.
$300 booking fee
$600 breeding fee
$10/day mare care

An excellent variety of Fjord mares, fillies, geldings and colts available for sale.

Contact Wendy at 406-223-6933 or for more info

www.sunnysidefarms.netf Fjord mares, fillies, geldings and colts available for sale.

Posted 1/3/14


Beautiful well kept complete 6-up LEATHER show harness set..each in it’s own custom box…comes complete with lines, checks, bits, and martingales (lead set only) even has two extra collars…collars range in size from 26-30..would be willing to sell four but won’t break up set more than that…$ 12,000.00..please email  or text Joni  (928)595-4013 Payson.


Posted 1/3/14


Draft size Cart $800

I can take credit card.

Wife says one must go : (


or text Larry 480-330-3948 Scottsdale.


Posted 8/28/13

Smuckers Deluxe leather harness-horse size. Will fit from Arab/Quarter/Morgan to smaller draft cross. It has patent leather on the bridle, saddle and breast collar. This is a nice harness that has been sitting in a bag inside the house for 5 years. It is in very good condition although needs a keeper on one of the hip straps sewn back on. I saw this same harness retailing between 1200-1600. This comes with the reins, two cavesson's and an extra crupper that I found at the bottom of the bag. $500. Wendy (928) 300-9197 or



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